Haney Warns Garcia He Might Get KO’d…Permanently

Devin Haney isn’t too worried about Ryan Garcia’s newfound taste for death threats heading into their fight on April 20th on DAZN PPV.

WBC light welterweight champion Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) isn’t quaking in his boots at Ryan’s crude intimidation attempts to unnerve him going into their match at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Trash Talk

Of course, Ryan’s scary-sounding threat may have been a move to sell tickets for Barclays Center because there are still plenty of seats still available for fans, and it’s important that the fight sells out and brings in PPV buys.

A better approach by Ryan and Haney to get fans interested in their fight would be to give interviews and release more of sparring footage or Devin’s case to light a fire on his father, Bill Haney, to start with his promotional trash-talk. Devin needs to unleash Bill and let him start with the real promotion, Oakland, California style.

He’s the one who generally does all the talking for Devin, who usually fumbles for the right thing to say and isn’t loaded with charisma like his dad. Bill has been MIA for the promotion, and when he has talked, been blabbering about Gervonta Davis.

Haney Scoffs at Garcia’s “Kill” Claim

“Ryan might get killed trying to kill me. Sometimes, when you want something so bad, it backfires on you, so we’ll see. He might run into something that he can’t get up from,” said Devin Haney to Fight Hub TV, reacting to Ryan Garcia saying he’s going to kill him on April 20th in their fight on DAZN PPV.

It’s surprising that these two fighters have gotten in the mud to use this approach to try and sell their fight. Do they not have any other way of drumming up interest without resorting to talking about killing each other? Granted, boxing is a form of war, but it’s sad to see Devin and Ryan talking about X-ing each other out.

“Yeah, I mean Ryan gets very aggressive, over-anxious, and makes a lot of mistakes. We’ve been studying him; we see a lot of those mistakes. We look to capitalize on those, and if everything goes to plan, I see me ending him,” said Haney about believing he can knock out Ryan.