Is the Haney – Garcia Interest Flatlining? Ticket Sales Tell a Sad Story

Devin Haney looked in crisis mode today, taking to social media, begging fans to purchase tickets for his fight against Ryan Garcia at the Barclays Center in a desperation Tweet.

“18 days Ryan goes down.. Go purchase tickets now!” Haney urged on X. Haney’s cringeworthy attempts at pleading with fans to go buy tickets isn’t a good look.

Crickets in the Barclays Center

The lack of interest from fans in New York is really telling. Those tickets just aren’t selling, and the map of the Barclays Center shows available seats as far as the eye can see.

Is it Haney’s lack of appeal that is dragging interest? We know that his last fight against Regis Prograis on December 9th was a pure disaster, reportedly selling only 50K PPV buys, and with complimentary tickets given out for the Chase Center venue. Haney’s fighting style is like a combination of Shakur Stevenson and Tyson Fury. It’s not pretty to watch.

Buyer’s Remorse: Did Ryan Choose Wrong?

Right now, Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs) could be having second thoughts and regretting his decision to choose Haney as his opponent. The poor ticket sales indicate that he chose the wrong one.

In hindsight, Ryan should have gotten a hint that Devin wasn’t the right guy to fight when he saw the low PPV numbers for his last fight against Prograis. When you see that, you have to know that Ryan would be the only one attracting interest in his fight against Haney. In other words, he would be dead weight, a total drag on the promotion, and riding on Ryan’s coattails.

A fight against the more entertaining and arguably far more popular WBO 140-lb champion Teofimo Lopez would have a different story. Ryan vs. Teofimo would likely have already sold out the Barclays Center in Brooklyn by now, and the two would be attracting PPV buys in droves.

PPV Nightmare Ahead

It stands to reason that if ticket sales ain’t selling, will Haney vs. Ryan bring in a ton of PPV sales on DAZN? That’s a big no. The fan’s lack of interest in purchasing tickets means they view this trainwreck as a bad investment not worth their money, which could result in this being another PPV disaster for Haney.

Even if Haney wins the fight, the low ticket and PPV sales will be a real knockout blow to his career, further showing that he doesn’t connect with fans. The lack of charisma and his boring fighting style are pure poison when it comes to sales.