Ringside camera: Francis Ngannou’s brutal knockout loss to Anthony Joshua seen up close

A new ringside angle of the finish in Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou makes it even more brutal.

Streamer DAZN, which broadcast the heavyweight pay-per-view headliner, released up-close footage of Joshua’s second-round knockout. Ngannou’s fall to the canvas is even more pronounced as he flops to the canvas in his third trip there.

Joshua was declared the winner at 2:38 of the second round when his right hand sent Ngannou pitching backwards. Seconds earlier, Ngannou had been knocked to the canvas with a fast right hand and appeared to be badly dazed.

Joshua, a two-time boxing champ, simply stepped in and sealed the deal.

Reaction to Ngannou’s loss in the MMA and boxing community was split, with MMA fighters mourning the ex-UFC champ’s first square circle setback and several boxers praising Joshua.

Many pundits believed Ngannou would be blown out of the water in his professional boxing debut, which took place this past October against heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury. Instead, Ngannou knocked Fury down and went the distance. Judges ultimately gave Fury the fight via split decision, but many believed Ngannou had been robbed.

There was no doubt about the winner of Ngannou’s second boxing match.